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  • Born into the culture

    The founders of kings pro / queens pro grew up in santa ana, california. It is here that they were introduced to the rich soccer culture that would become the backbone of their story.

  • 2015 - The Journey Begins

    After their playing career, the founding brothers would return to their roots on a mission to empower the next generation of ballers, all while developing the kings pro, Queens Pro & La Academia concept.

  • The first shin guards

    Were designed for younger cousin Julian, out of an obsessive dedication to quality, passion for the game, and a respect for the heritage of the founders' family.

  • 2020 - Earned Respect

    After gaining a reputation, soon Kings Pro began equipping respected players and teams like Philadelphia Union during the 2020 MLS is Back Tournament.

  • 2021 - Queens Pro is born

    Mari's entire life was inspired by her CULTURA and her people and now wants to motivate the next generation to continue to raise the bar. This is the Queens Pro era, your support is greatly appreciated!

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